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King Vulture

Faces of Brevard Zoo. (aka My favorite Florida Attraction) The King Vulture. They have excellent eyesight and rely on it to watch out for other vultures that have spotted carrion. The king vulture’s sense of smell is not as good as that of other types of vultures, so they do not always use it to detect food. When it sees that other scavenger birds have discovered a meal, they shoot down from the sky and push the others out of the way. All of the other species vultures are quick to move aside for the “king.”

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Meerkat Swag – Brevard Zoo, Melbourne, Florida

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The Brevard Zoo is a 75 acre non-profit facility in Melbourne, Florida. This is my favorite zoo in Florida due to intimate size, simple park layout, friendliness of the volunteer staff, variety of animals, and a wonderful water park and petting zoo for the little ones.

If you get a chance to visit, make sure to check out the Treetop Trek – Ziplining and obstacle course in the trees above the animal exhibits. During one visit I heard chatter above me and stopped to speak with two ladies doing the trek. They said “We meet here every Saturday. It’s healthier than sitting in a coffee shop and catching up after a busy week.”

Recently another baby giraffe was born. Seeing him and his young sibling are worth the admission alone.

Visit the Brevard Zoo.