Brewer Christmas Tree Farm

Brewer’s Christmas Tree and Blueberry Farm
a family owned choose and cut, pick your own farm
located at 1067 Robert Hill Road in Midway, Georgia.

Resplendent with blueberries, oriental persimmons, muscadine grapes, figs, fresh vegetables, Christmas trees, and southern charm, the Brewer Farm is a wonderful way to spend the day. I enjoyed wandering among the fruit trees and picking fresh blueberries. Mr. Brewer, the farm’s owner, even gave me his wife’s blueberry pie recipe to take home with me.

While quieter during the summer months, this is a busy location come holiday time. Visitors come from all over the area to get their Christmas trees and fresh pine wreaths.

I look forward to visiting again this winter. Next time I want to take a hayride, visit their Christmas Shop, with the goats at their seasonal petting zoo, and capture the joy of the families that come year after year to partake in this 30 year old tradition.

Fresh Blueberries
Mr. Brewer showing us the ripening blueberries
among the trees
Brewer Christmas Tree Farm
Fresh Fruit
More Blueberries
Mr Brewer is a wealth of information
The farm
Grapes vines
Fresh Pearss
Brewer Christmas Tree Farm
Make sure to come back for the holidays

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